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Welcome To Nanaimo Heritage Days Official Website

At you will find information pertaining to the first official Nanaimo Heritage Days. This is the event that will be held on May long weekend (May 21st and 22nd) and includes an awesome festival and parade

REWFest: On Saturday May 21st from 11 AM to 10 PM we are shutting down Commercial Street for an exciting day of music, and family fun. This year we have titled the festival REWFest in honour of the title sponsors Real Estate Webmasters & Rewsters Restaurant) 

Tilray Fireworks: Starting around nightfall (10pm) the Tilray sponsored fireworks will start in Swy-A-Lana Lagoon. This event is made possible by Tilrays generous donation of $15,000 to Nanaimo Heritage Days. 

Parade: On Sunday morning we will be continuing on a tradition for May long weekend that stretches back over 100 years - the May long weekend parade. 


Local Business Saves Nanaimo’s 152-Year Old Parade & Fireworks

NANAIMO, BC — Families across the city will still be able to enjoy the annual parade and fireworks this May 17, after Real Estate Webmasters announced their commitment to save the event as the title sponsor.

In recognition of changing times, the annual event has been renamed “Nanaimo Heritage Days” and is being reinvented as a celebration of Nanaimo and all the cultures, heritages and histories that come together within the city. The Nanaimo Heritage Days plans include the parade, a significant increase to the fireworks budget, and live music at the Diana Krall Plaza.

This year’s Nanaimo Heritage Days will be followed by the formal creation of the Nanaimo Heritage Days Society, a non-profit group that will be responsible for organizing the celebration of Nanaimo’s community in future years.

Historical records of Nanaimo’s annual May Long weekend celebration date back as far as May 25, 1863. Additional information about the event can be found on the Nanaimo Heritage Days Facebook group, located at

“The fireworks are one of the biggest draws for local residents and they remind us of just how great our community is. By rescuing the fireworks, we get to keep people coming downtown and enjoying Nanaimo,” said Morgan Carey, owner of Real Estate Webmasters and Rewsters restaurant.

“This is a central celebration of all our cultures and heritages coming together. It’s a great thing to come together and celebrate. That’s what Nanaimo is all about and that’s what this event means to us.” (Morgan Carey)

“Our parade is the longest running May Long Parade in the country and is a huge draw for downtown businesses…[It’s] a great opportunity for our community to get together and be reminded how awesome our downtown truly is.” (Morgan Carey)